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Printing Your Directory (Directory OWNERS and ADMINISTRATORS)


While online directories offer countless benefits over paper directories, sometimes you just need a paper copy as well.  It may help bridge the path for some or help include those community members that do not have easy online access to the directory when they need it.  Of course your general users and room parents can print portions of the directory themselves (see article “Printing Class/Group Lists”). However, OWNERS and ADMINistrators of the directory have access to a few more options which make very easy to print a nicely formatted complete directory with a few simple steps as noted below. 

  1. Start at the Directory View. From the Left Side Panel, expand the REGISTRATIONS section and choose “Directory” (see image below)
  2. Accept the Default or Customize Your Directory*.  In the main view, expand the “Filters” section to select which parts of the directory you wish to include, which fields to include for each person, and your preference for order and format. See below for more detailed explanation of filter options.
  3. Use the PRINT button.  Your print dialog may offer you even more options.

*IMPORTANT- Always make sure that the “Private Info” box is NOT CHECKED before you print.


So Many Customization Options 

You can just use the PRINT button to print with the default formatting, but if you'd like to customize it further, there is a lot you can do with the filter options.  As you choose a filter option, it is applied immediately to the view of the directory that you see just below the filter section.  

1. Choose which groups to include. "Select All" or choose specific groups that you want to work on.  If you wanted to print the PTA Executive Board Members or the Staff Members separately, then select only that group. If you change your mind about a group, just click on the little "x" next to the group name to remove it. One subtlety to note, if you choose "Select All" from the groups section, all people will be listed even if they are not assigned to a particular group in your directory.  To exclude those people, just select each group individually.

2. Choose which people to include. Set the Type to "Active". Choose the appropriate Date filters for the current school year.  Check the appropriate boxes to select whether you want to include Members, Volunteers, or Staff or some combination of them.  


3. Choose which data to include for each person.  Do you want to include addresses? Only children or their relations too?  Choose the appropriate boxes to determine which information about the people should be included/excluded from the print.  ALWAYS make sure that the "Private Info" box is NOT CHECKED.


4. Choose the order for the entries in your directory. Use the "Sort" field to determine if you want the people in your directory to be sorted by last name, first name or other.  


Two Examples:       

5. Select the desired layout of the entries. Select the different options in the Layout drop down menu to preview them.  To list students by class instead of as a whole, check the "by Groups" box.  (Note you will only see this option if you selected 2 or more than one classes/groups to include in your directory.)

6. Build sections of your directory.  If you wanted to create a separate sections in a different format or including different classes/groups, repeat the above steps and select only the groups of interest and print them separately in the format you desire for that section.  (For Example to print a section highlighting your PTA/PTO Executive Board, choose only that group and print separately from the student list.)  At the end you can combine all the sections add any other guides or tables you like.

7. Bind Your Directory. You can further customize by printing certain sections separately and combining them for a final directory.  When transitioning a community toward paper-less directories, some school do choose to make a simple print and to bind the directory with a staple.  Other schools will opt to have their printed directory professionally bound.  In the latter case, just print your directory sections as a PDF and forward the file(s) to your vendor.


Beautiful results with just a few clicks.



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