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Unaffiliated Accounts


An "Unaffiliated Account" is a Fourleaf account that is not linked, or affiliated, (either directly or through a child's record) with any organization or group. If the user's account is unaffiliated, s/he will see a highlighted note at the top of the left side panel.



First consider, could an account have been created for you using a different email address? If so, try logging in with that email address. If not, contact your Directory Administrator for assistance and let him/her know:

  • Your name
  • The email address you are using to login
  • Your role with the organization and your child(ren)'s name(s) as applicable.
  • Whether you (or your child) are currently part of the organization or if you are alumni and should have alumni access.  If alumni, in what year were you part of the organization? 



I'm a Directory Administrator....


A person's account is affiliated with an organization when  a) the person submits online form for the "org", b) the org adds the person to its directory directly, or c) the person is added as a relation of a child that is linked to the organization.  A person's account will lose affiliations with an organization if a) any online submissions for the account are rejected, b) the person's account is not directly registered to the organization, and c) the person's account is no longer associated with any children that have registrations within the organization.

If you think the person should still have access to the directory (currently or with an alumni access), then a) registrations and/or relations associated with the account were accidentally deleted and should be restored, or b) for some reason the person's registrations or relations are now linked to another account for that person but using a different email.



Use the search feature to search for the person either by name or by child's name.  

1) If you can see a record for the person, check which email address is associated with the account. It is likely different from the one the person is using.  Find out which email address she prefers and link the appropriate registrations and relations to that one and remove them from the first.

2) If you do not see a record for the person, then her registrations and/or relations were accidentally deleted. They will need to be added back for the person to regain the access she should have. 

Contact Support@Fourleaf.net if you need more assistance.




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