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Submitting an Online Registration


If you would like access to, or wish to participate in, the directory and communications system for a particular organization, their Online Registration form is a great way to start. This form makes it super easy to request access, customize which contact information is shared/not shared in the private directory, and indicate the best way to communicate important org announcements to you. Read on to see how to begin.

You only need to register your family for the directory ONCE, not yearly. 

If adding a new child to an existing family, see Instructions "For those with an Existing Fourleaf Account" included below. 

For those who are new to Fourleaf:

    1. Start at the Org’s Fourleaf Home Page.  The organization likely emailed a link or the URL to you or posted it on its website.  If can’t locate the URL, contact the organization's DIRECTORY ADMINISTRATOR.  (Hint: The URL is usually in the form of “Fouleaf.net/<org name>” where “<org name>” is replaced by the name of the organization.) Check the details on the page to make sure you have the correct organization.
    2. Enter your email address and press “Continue”.  If you see prompts for your name and contact information continue to the next step. If you see an "Account not found" message, then the organization is not accepting online registrations most likely because they will be creating your accounts based on information collected during the registration process; contact the DIRECTORY ADMINISTRATOR. If you see other prompts, then skip to the section below for those with an Existing Fourleaf Account.
    3. Enter your name and contact information as prompted.  If you see something other than prompts for your name and contact information, then skip to the section below for those with an Existing Fourleaf Account. Otherwise, continue following the prompts to complete and submit your online registration form.
    4. Complete the online form & Submit. Continue to follow the prompts to enter your contact information, add your children (only those that are also enrolled in that specific organization)*, then add any of the child(ren)'s relations (other parent or guardian, or caregiver you wish to include). You will have the opportunity at the end to specify which information you’d like to share in the org’s directory and indicate your notification preferences. Submit the form.
    5. Check your email for an activation link.  Every adult included in the form with a valid email and/or cell phone will be sent an email with a link to activate his or her account. This is a required step to set your password and allow you to login. By logging in, you can  view and use the directory or update your profile and settings anytime.

Access & Approval. The Directory Administrator will receive your submission for approval. Before the approval is granted, you will only be able to see and update your and your child(ren)’s information.  Once approval is granted, then you will have full access to the directory (i.e. see other people and navigate through groups). 


For those with an Existing Fourleaf Account: 

What prompts are presented to you at the Fourleaf Home Page for an organization depends on a) the status of your Fourleaf account, b) whether or not you are logged in already, and c) your access privileges for the particular organization.

Finding the Fourleaf Home Page for an Org: Into your browser, type “fourleaf.net/” followed by the “org name”.  (If you do not know the correct org name used for the organization, then check with your Directory Administrator or contact support@fourleaf.net for help)

If you are NOT logged in (or haven't completed your registration)...

You will see prompts to enter your email address and press continue. (Note if you are not prompted for your email address, skip to the “logged in” section below). After pressing continue, you will see one of the following...

    1. Name and cell phone prompts.  If you see these, it means Fourleaf does not recognize your email and you will be routed to the online registration form for the organization. See the section above for those who are new to Fourleaf.
    2. “Resend Activation” button. This will appear if your account was created but you haven’t yet setup your password. Press the button and then check your email for a message from Fourleaf with a link you can use to activate your account. Activate your account, login and then continue to the logged in instructions below.
    3. “Password” prompt.  If you see this then you have an account and password and can enter it to continue or click on “Forgot Password” under the email prompt to reset your password. Login and continue to the logged in instructions below.

If you are logged in to Fourleaf...

You not be prompted for your email address. Instead you will see a section for Registrants indicating who in your family is currently registered in at least one group or class listed in the organization’s directory, if any.

    1. If you or your child(ren) show as registrants in the org, you do not need to re-register.  You can continue to view and search the directory and use the features available for your level of access. You do not need to register the child again.
    2. If you want to add a child to that organization’s directory, use the “+ New Registrants” button to launch that organization’s online registration form*. In the form specify only the child(ren) that are enrolled in the organization and all guardians for the child(ren) that are to be included in the directory.
    3. If you or your child(ren) are no longer registrants in the org, but once were, you should have alumni access. This basically gives you access to the directory information that was valid at the time you had access. You can adjust the date ranges to view data from a particular time period.

*If you need to register for a different organization as well, repeat the above process starting at that other organization’s Fourleaf Home Page. Example: You have two children in the primary school and one child in the middle school.  Complete the online registration form for the primary school, specifying only your younger two children.  Complete the online registration form for the middle school and only include the middle school child on the form.

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