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New School Year Process, Manual Option


You have a directory populated with last year's class assignments and are ready to update it to reflect the new school year or season. Fourleaf provides you with a few different ways to do this; one is sure to suit your situation.   Short descriptions of each method are included below. This article describes the Manual Option in detail.


 New students may be added via import, online registration, manually or a combination of these. 

 Manual Option

(Add Registrations Method)

The method looks at the class you want to populate with fresh students and has you add them using the "Add Registrations" process.  This method assumes that the majority of the students are already in your directory but not yet linked to their current year classes.


  1. Class Assignment List: Obtain a list of all the classes to be offered in the new school year along with the teacher(s) and students assigned to each.  In this procedure, we will refer to this as your “Class Assignment List”. 
  2. Room Parent List (Optional): If you have a list of the room parents (or other volunteers) associated with each class then you can add them in at the same time. They can also be added later.
  3. Confirm class titles of all the classes to be offered in the new year are already in your directory.
    1. View the full list of classes using the “All Groups” option found in the left side panel options under the “Groups” category. (Note in this view, you may see previously offered classes as well; that’s expected.)
    2. Add any classes that are missing. (Requires OWNER access. See article: “Creating Groups/Classes”)


  1. Choose Class*: From the “All Groups” view, click on the name of the first class from your Class Assignment List and use the tabs on the bottom of the view to make sure you are seeing the “Registrations” view of the class.
  2. Confirm that there are no current registrations in the class (students, volunteers, or teachers) unless the person will be continuing in the class for the new year. Use the filters to make sure you are looking at current and future registrations. To end a registration, add the proper end dates (usually this is the last day of the previous school year).
  3. Add Teachers to the Class. If the correct teacher(s) aren’t already added to the class, do so now  using the “+ADD” button. (See article “Adding People to Groups/Classes” ) 
    1. Make sure you checked the “Adult” box before searching for the teacher.
    2. Make sure to scroll down and specify the role as “Staff” and, if you wish, include a title (e.g. Teacher).
  4. Add Students to the Class:  Use the “+ADD” button to add students the same way as you added the teacher, except…
    1. Make sure to check the “Child” box before you search.
    2. Save time by searching and selecting several (or all) of the existing students to add to the the class at once. This only works to add existing students.
    3. New students (i.e. those that were not previously included in your directory) can be added using the +ADD button as well but will need to do it separately from the other students. If using this method to add the new student, the student's relations will need to be added separately.
    4. See also the "Alternate Manual Option (Transfer Method)" described in the box below.
  5. Add Volunteers to the Class: If known, you can add the room parents or other key volunteers you’d like to call out in the directory using the “+ADD” button making sure to choose the appropriate role (e.g. Volunteer or Limited Volunteer)

Repeat steps 1-5 for each class remaining on your Class Assignment List.*

*Incoming Classes and New StudentsThe students in the lowest grade level will be new to the school this year and thus not likely to be available to your organization.  You can new students as you would for a New Org Setup targeting only the incoming/new families instead of all families. For best results use the Import or Online Registration method for these families.


Alternate Manual Option (Transfer Method)

Some may prefer instead to use the "Transfer Process" to pull students from their select students from their previous year classes and transfer them at once to their new class (using the "Transfer" button).

Prep:  Classes that are new in Year 2 need to be added to Fourleaf.  See “Creating Groups/Classes” 

  1. Graduate Seniors. Ensure Year 1 Senior classes no longer have any active registrations.  If active registrations remain, update the end date of the Year 1 registrations. (You can cut and paste to save time.)
  2. Promote Continuing Students to their Year 2 classes using the filters and transfer feature to register whole classes at once.  It is strongly recommended that you start with the senior level and work your way through the grades in descending order until only the lowest grade level is left.  
  3. Add New Students. The students in the lowest grade level will be new to the school this year and thus not likely to be available to your organization.  You can add them as you would for a New Org Setup targeting only the incoming families instead of all families.  Also go back and review the class lists to see if there are any new students in the upper classes that you need to add in this way.





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