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New School Year Process, Export/Re-Import Option


You have a directory populated with last year's class assignments and are ready to update it to reflect the new school year or season. Fourleaf provides you with a few different ways to do this; one is sure to suit your situation.   Short descriptions of each method are included below.  


 New students may be added via import, online registration, manually or a combination of these.


Export/re-Import Process

In order to update a record in Fourleaf with an import, it is necessary to be able to accurately and reliably match a student year over year.  Using Student IDs is the most efficient way to do this. If you do not wish to use Student IDs, then Fourleaf can provide you with a spreadsheet, with a list of your students, on which you can indicate their new class assignments in the designated column.  Fourleaf will re-import this information on your behalf.

Obtain an Export. Send a request to support@fourleaf.net stating that you intend to use the Export/Re-Import option for populating your org’s directory for the new school year and to request the export file listing last year’s students. You will use the provided file to add in the new class data for each of the students listed.

Prepare the Spreadsheet for re-Import. Materials:  A list of students with their new class assignments.

  1. Enter New Classes in the appropriate column, for each person listed.  (SHEET 1)
    1. Make sure the class names on the spreadsheet exactly match the class titles you entered in Fourleaf to ensure a successful import.
    2. If registering person to multiple new classes, then copy the whole line and add to the end of the spreadsheet with the additional class name.
    3. Note: If no new class is specified, the person’s registration will end per the date entered and s/he will not be registered in any new classes (see below).
    4. Adding Student IDs - If you would like to use the Import Only option next year, you will need to add your org’s unique IDs to Fourleaf. You can do so now by adding a column in the spreadsheet and filling in the student IDs.
  2. Communicate Start and End Dates - (SHEET 2) This where you let us know what end date to apply to all the student registrations for the previous year and the start date to use for all the new class registrations being imported for the new year.
  3. Adding New Students - To add new students, either use the third tab or sheet in the spreadsheet provided to you or use a separate spreadsheet per the Import Template.    

re-Import the Updated Spreadsheet.  Let support@fourleaf.net know when your spreadsheet is ready for import.

Review Results


If you have further updates, complete them manually or submit another spreadsheet as noted above.

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