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Direct Import Template for Staff and Volunteers


You can use the attached spreadsheet directly or as a guide when preparing your own spreadsheet for Direct Import of Staff and Volunteers into your Fourleaf Directory.

  1. Download the attached spreadsheet.
  2. Rename the downloaded spreadsheet file to indicate its contents (e.g. school name, year, students). For example you may name it Exemplar2016.2017StudentImport.xls to indicate the spreadsheet includes data Exemplar Elementary School in the 2016/2017 school year for students.
  3. Row 1 should always be the header row (i.e. the one with the Column titles specified in the table below such as "Student First Name".
    1. Each subsequent row in your spreadsheet represents one student. Basic format is {STUDENT NAME & INFO} { ADULT1 INFO} {ADULT2 INFO} {.....}
    2. Each sibling needs to be listed in his/her own row with the parent information repeated.
  4. Include all required columns in your spreadsheet. Required Columns are noted in purple in the table below. Optional columns need not be included. (They may be deleted from the template if you are not using them.
  5. Column order does not matter. There is no need to reorder columns in your spreadsheet if they are not in the same order as in the template.


Field Names/

Column Headers

(Items in Purple are required)

Field Description

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name


These fields provide the name of the staff member or volunteer to include in your Fourleaf directory.



Cell Phone

Home Phone

Include the contact details that you would like included in the directory for your staff or volunteers. Email addresses will be used to send activation emails (unless the person already has an activated account). If the email addresses are not included in the import, the staff info can appear in the directory but the staff members will not receive an activation email and not be able to view the directory or use the communications features for their class. 

Email: Must be unique to an individual.  Required for all adults to activate their account to access the directory, update their own privacy settings, and use any communications features. Most schools include school (work) contact details only for their staff.

NOTE: If using an import to update data then the staff or volunteer named may already be in your directory. In this case you only need to include the email address to help match the records. The other contact information may be left blank.

Registrant ID

Optional Unique ID that can be used to accurately match people during future imports.


Group to which you would like this staff member enrolled (e.g. "1st Grade Peterson Rm 12"; "Theater", "Staff")


Enter the role to indicate what access the person should have in the directory.  

Role: (Admin, Staff, Volunteer, Limited Volunteer)

Staff/Volunteer can additionally see emails and phone numbers of members of their classes and send broadcast communications to those associated with their class. Limited Volunteers are highlighted in your directory as class volunteers but they do not receive any additional rights to features and information. For full description of roles, see article: "Roles and User Access"


Optional cosmetic title used for recognition in the directory (e.g. Head Teacher, Librarian, Attendance Secretary) This field can be edited in the app later.


Download Template:

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