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Direct Import Template for Student Families

You can use the attached spreadsheet directly or as a guide when preparing your own spreadsheet for Direct Import of student and parent information into your Fourleaf Directory.

  1. Download the attached spreadsheet.
  2. Rename the downloaded spreadsheet file to indicate its contents (e.g. school name, year, students). For example you may name it Exemplar2016.2017StudentImport.xls to indicate the spreadsheet includes data Exemplar Elementary School in the 2016/2017 school year for students.
  3. Row 1 should always be the header row (i.e. the one with the Column titles specified in the table below such as "Student First Name".
    1. Each subsequent row in your spreadsheet represents one student. Basic format is {STUDENT NAME & INFO} { ADULT1 INFO} {ADULT2 INFO} {.....}
    2. Each sibling needs to be listed in his/her own row with the parent information repeated.
  4. Include all required columns in your spreadsheet. Required Columns are noted in purple in the table below. Optional columns need not be included. (They may be deleted from the template if you are not using them.
  5. Column order does not matter. There is no need to reorder columns in your spreadsheet if they are not in the same order as in the template.

Column Names

(Items in Purple are required)

Description of Field

Student First Name*

Student Middle Name

Student Last Name*

Student Nickname

These fields provide the name of the enrollee (i.e. student), to include in your Fourleaf Directory.

Student Gender

Student Cell Phone

Gender: (Male, Female, M, or F.)  Invaluable for admins during registration due to name similarity.

Cell Phone: optionally include only if child is over 13 years old

Student Registrant ID**

Registrant's unique school ID that can be used in order to match people correctly during subsequent imports. Not required but highly recommended if available.

**This field is required if using the Import Option to update student class registrations for the New School Year.

Student Registration Group

Group/class/club/etc. to which to register this person. If provided, must be an exact match to an existing group. Recommended to avoid manual registrations later.

If a student registrant is to be registered in more than one group, make a duplicate row for the student changing the Registration Group and Registration Title. All other columns should remian unchanged. If Group is not included in the import, your directory administrator can register student to groups after the import is complete.

Adult 1 First Name*

Adult 1 Middle Name

Adult 1 Last Name*

Adult 1 Nickname

Contact information is per adult, not household. Unique email addresses are needed for each adult imported.

Adult 1 Email*

Adult 1 Cell Phone

Adult 1 Home Phone

Adult 1 Work Phone

Adult 1 Work Extension

Adult 1 Address Line 1

Adult 1 Address Line 2

Adult 1 City

Adult 1 State

Adult 1 ZIP

Email: Must be unique to an individual. Email can be missing for an adult but is required for adults to activate their account and access the directory, update their own information and privacy settings and that of children they are a guardian of. In the app, Your directory administrator can add missing email address later and send activations.

Cell Phone: If provided, the adult will also receive the account activation notice via text message. During the account activation process, each adult can select their text messaging preferences.

Address: (When provided, people will be able to tap-to-directions on their smartphones.)

Adult 1 ID

Unique ID that can be used to accurately match people in future imports

Adult 1 Relation*

Relation: (Mother, Father, Parent, Nanny, Grandmother, Grandfather, Emergency Contact, Stepmother, Stepfather, Aunt, Uncle, or Other)

 Adult 1 Role

 Role: (Guardian, or Responsible Contact.) If role is left blank, then people with relation designated as Mother, Father, or Parent will be assumed to be a Guardian, and all others Responsible Contact.

Adult 2+ First Name

Adult 2+ ...

Repeat contact information for all adults that should be associated with this student.

 *Items shown in purple font in the table above indicate required columns.


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