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Adding Families to Your Directory via Online Registration by Parents


Traditionally the most cumbersome task of creating a directory is getting in all the correct student names, their parents’ names, and their parents’ contact information in the directory in the first place.  Significantly reduct the effort involved with one of the methods offered by Fourleaf and noted below. Depending your specific case, you may find it useful to use a combination of the methods.


Direct Import

If you already have the family contact information available in a spreadsheet format, this is the quickest and easiest method. The spreadsheet is directly imported into your directory and your directory is ready to go.

See article “Adding Families with Direct Import” to get started with the Direct Import.

Online Registrations  

If you do not have reliable family contact information, this method enable families to directly enter their own information into the directory.  An ADMIN can then review and approve submission right from the Fourleaf inbox.  It is also a great way to handle families that were not included in the bulk import at the start of the term.

See below for details.


This article explains how to populate your directory with Online Registration. 

A person with OWNER access can enable/disable online registrations feature for your organization from the Org Settings view. 

STEP 1:  Instruct Families.  Let your families know that you will be moving to a new directory, the benefits of Fourleaf, and point them to your organization’s Fourleaf Home Page. It is best to use the short URL, which is often in the form of “Fourleaf.net/<org name>”, and was assigned to your org upon initiation of your org space.

One adult from each family will need to enter his/her email address to start the online registration form and will be able to enter information for children, spouse, and other relevant relations.

This form only needs to be completed once (not yearly).

If a family already exists in your directory but a new child needs to be included in the directory (e.g. a younger child is entering the school this year), then an adult may complete the form again to add a child that was not previously included in the directory, but in this case, only the new child should be entered in the form and all adults relevant to the new child should be included.

STEP 2: Wait (Families Complete and Submit Forms).  The adult will be prompted to add his/her contact information, ALL and ONLY his/her child(ren) that will be enrolled in the new term, and any of the child(ren)’s relations that should be listed in the directory as well.  The parent will be able to specify which of the information should be shared in the directory and which should remain private.

Once the parent submits the form, all the adults for whom email addresses were specified in that form, will receive an email welcoming them to your directory and inviting them to activate their account using the link the provided (or by entering their email in your org’s Fourleaf Home Page).  Once the adult activates her/his account, s/he will be able to update her/his own contact information and privacy and notification settings. If the adult was specified as a guardian, then s/he will also be able to modify her/his child’s profile as well.


STEP 3: Review and Approve Submissions.  There will be one entry in the Fourleaf inbox* for each child specified on the form.  The entry will show some information about the adult relations of the child. Once you verify the child is truly enrolled in your organization and her/his family should be given access to the directory, you can just assign/register the child to the appropriate group (class or team). As long a child is currently registered to a group in Fourleaf, his/her family will be able to access the directory.** See article “Registering Students Via Inboxfor detailed instructions.

*You can have the OWNER specify (using the Org Settings Page) a person in the org to receive an email notification whenever a new submission is received.  This is specially helpful during the year when the frequency of new submissions is likely to be low and ADMINs are less likely to check the inbox regularly.

** If using the Paywall feature, it can still be used to prevent access to the directory until your organization’s criteria are met even after the child is registered to a class.  

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