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Adding New Family Members (General User)



To add a new child to your family in a directory

a) Make sure you are logged into Fourleaf

b) Go to the Org Home Page for the school in which the new child is enrolled. Look at the Registrants section to confirm that the child isn't already registered on your behalf.

c) Use the "+ New Registrants" button to submit a form to add the new/additional child(ren). If a child already shows as a registrant, there is no need to include him/her on the form again; only the new child(ren) need(s) to be included in the form.


To add a spouse or other adult

Currently you will need to request support from your organization or school's Directory Administrator. Be sure to provide the information below in your request.

a) the first name, last name, and gender of adult

b) email address of adult

c) phone number and type (e.g. home, work, mobile)

d) children to link with this adult

e) relationship of adult to your child(ren).

If your Directory Administrator is unable to help, send Fourleaf your request using the "Help" button on this site and be sure to include the name of the school or organization who owns the directory.




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