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There is a funny numeric code added to end of the email address. (Duplicate email)


A person’s email address is considered a unique identifier. Therefore Fourleaf does not allow the same email address to be attached to two different records in the application. 

Currently the software flags a duplicate email address as an error upon data entry in most cases. However if an email address was added while using older versions of the app or duplicate emails are added via the same import, then a numeric code was automatically appended to one of the non-unique email address.


The solution is to resolve the duplicate use of the email address and associate it with only one correct record.  

  1. Find the other record using the email address by entering the email address in the search field.  
  2. View all the resulting records containing that email address and determine which of those is the correct record (i.e. the one that own’s the email address).  
  3. Correct or delete each record accordingly. If merging two records for the same person, be careful to update any applicable relations.

If you are not able to locate a duplicate record, contact Support@Fourleaf.net or click the green "Help" button below for assistance.

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