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Adding People to Groups/Classes (New Registrations)


In Fourleaf, when you "register" a person to a class or group within your organization, the person's name will show in the group/class list and that person is granted access to your org space (if s/he doesn't already have it through another registration).  If you like, you can also specify the person's role, add a custom title (e.g. teacher, room parent, safety monitor), and specify validity date (e.g. just that term, 2-years, indefinite, etc) for that registrant.


A person can be "registered" to a group/class in one of several ways...

  1. From the Fourleaf Inbox - See article "Registering Students via Inbox
  2. Direct Import - People are automatically registered during the import.*
  3. From the Group/Class view (via the "+ADD" button) - See below

* If a child, parent, staff member or volunteer is added to your organization via a Direct Import, then they are automatically registered to the groups/classes specified on the import spreadsheet.



Using the Add button from the Class Registrations View




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