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Creating Groups / Classes


People in your organization's private space can be organized into groups such as classes, committees, etc.  This helps streamline communication, encourage community, and find relevant members in the directory.

The groups to be included in the space must be set up by the OWNER.   Then OWNERS or ADMINS can organize members into the appropriate groups.  



Navigate to "All Groups": Left panel --> "Groups" --> "All Groups")

1) Navigate to "All Groups": Left panel --> "Groups" --> "All Groups")

2) Tap/click on "+ ADD" button,

3) Specify the Name and Group Type (e.g. "Class"), and tap/click on "Add Group" to complete.*

*In some cases, when you copy and paste the class or group name into the field,  the "Add Group" button won't become active. If this happens,  type an extra character in the field where you entered the names of the classes. The button should become active and then you can delete the extra character before hitting the now green "Add Group" button.



Navigate to the Group Settings View of the group you want to edit.

1) Choose the specific group you wish to edit by clicking on its name either in the "All Groups" view or directly from Left panel --> "Groups" 

2) From the bottom of the view, select the "Settings" tab

3) Edit any fields directly.


To add members, staff and volunteers to the groups you have created, you need to register them to the class.  See Registering People to Groups.

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