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Adding a New Person to your Directory (Manual Option)


To add a new person to your directory, first a record must be created for that person, then the person needs to be linked or "Registered" with at least one group/class in your organization.


ADDING A FAMILY (minimally 1 child and 1 adult)

1. Use Online Registration Form: Left Pane --> {Your Org} --> "Register"

(To use the online registration form, select "Register" from the left pane. Toggle the arrow next to your org name, which will be highlighted in green near the top of the left pane. Then follow the prompts to submit a form on behalf of the family. Each adult added with valid email address and/or mobile phone number will receive a notification with a link to activate his/her account.)

2. Register each child to his/her class(es)/group(s) from the inbox.


ADDING INDIVIDUALS (Students, Staff, or Volunteers)

Navigate to the group to which the new person should be added.*  

Use the “+ADD” button to begin.

  1. Select whether adding a child or adult.
  2. Search for the person to see if you already have a record for that person.
    1. If so, select the appropriate record from the results. Skip to step. ___
    2. If not, then use the “+ Add new user” button to create a new record.
  3. Enter the details for the new person and then select them from the list below.
  4. Next confirm/edit the registration information for the individual. Pay particular attention to the role and end date.
  5. Complete the registration using the “Register” button at the bottom of the view.
  6. Be sure to add any relations as appropriate. Relations are only defined for children in Fourleaf.  If you just added a child, you can navigate to his/her “Relations” page and add any adults as his/her relations. However if you just added an adult, you will need to navigate to each of his/her children and add him/her as a relation. (Be sure you select the correct relationship when doing so.)


RELATIONS (Linking Family Members)

Relations are defined in Fourleaf as child to adult.  Thus to link people together, you will need to navigate to the child’s “Relations” view. Use the “+ADD” button to associate or remove any relations. When adding a child, be sure to add both mom and dad. When adding an adult, be sure to add him/her to each of his/her children. 



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