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Accessing the Communications Feature


Fourleaf offers a Broadcast Communications feature as a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make sure your community is informed. Access to the feature is limited by your role in Fourleaf and to which plan level your organization subscribes. ADMINs and OWNERs can send a broadcast message to all members in their directory* or easily target specific groups or classes or individuals within the organization. Staff and Volunteers can send messages to those in their own class/group.


*Messages are only sent to members with activated accounts and per their notification preferences with basic communications.  If the org subscribes to upgraded communications then messages are sent to all members in the directory with valid emails, regardless of activation status. 

Click/Tap on the "New Message" button or tab: 

  1. Specify recipients using the filter and checkboxes (use the filters to see which members are active).
  2. Compose your message in the "Text Message" section.
  3. If you'd like emailed versions to include more information, modify accordingly in the "Email Message" section.
  4. Send



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