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Roles and User Access

Fourleaf supports several roles that may be assigned to members of the organization. These roles determine the features and data accessible to particular users within the org.  Below is a list of each of the roles and the features and data access available to that role (in addition to those associated with each of the roles listed below it).  

OWNER - The person (or people) serving as the main liaison between Fourleaf and the organization using the Application.  The owner has access to the same features as all other people in the organization as well as:

  • Update org's settings and specify administrators
  • Define Classes and Groups for the Org
  • Use importer 

ADMIN - People authorized to process new online registrations, verify who should be granted access, and to answer support requests from other org members.

  • Inbox access (to view and process online registrants)
  • Assign staff/volunteers/members to the org's classes/groups
  • Ability to edit all profiles and privacy settings (customer support)
  • Broadcast communications to entire organization (optional feature)

STAFF OR VOLUNTEER - People responsible for managing communications with particular group(s) within the organization, such as a teacher, coach, or room parent.

  • May see the phone numbers and emails associated with each member of their group
  • Broadcast communication to their own class/group (optional feature)

GUARDIAN - Parent or other legal guardian (or someone authorized by the parent or legal guardian to manage the profile of a dependent). Communication and viewing access will be based on the class/group registrations of the dependent.

  • View and manage profile of a dependent
  • View and communication access based on the registrations of the dependent.

LIMITED VOLUNTEER, ADULT MEMBER, RESPONSIBLE CONTACT - People with any of these roles may only view information that other participants choose to share in the directory

  • View shared directory information only.

ALUMNI - This role is automatically assigned to a person (and associated guardians) after the termination of a registration in the org. 

  • View directory information that was shared at the time of their registration
  • Update own profile and privacy settings


  • See school’s public info only (i.e. the landing page)
  • Submit electronic registration form to admins
  • Activate Fourleaf account and manage own profile (activating does not grant access to search or view the directory; an admin must first grant approval)

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