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Updating Privacy Settings


Choose how much of your information should be available to general users of your org's directory by adjusting your Privacy Settings.  Simply check or uncheck the appropriate boxes in your Settings.

Hosting that big party for your child at your house? Just check the box for your address on the day before the party and uncheck it after everyone has gone home.

  1. Click/Tap your avatar found at the top right of the screen. 
  2. From the drop down, select "Notification and Privacy Settings"
  3. In the section headed "PRIVACY SETTINGS", make sure there is a check next to each item you'd like to share in the organization's private directory. Uncheck the box next to any items you would like to exclude from the directory.



The image below show's Remmy Hollister's privacy settings.  She has selected her name, email address, and street address to show in the directory. Her cell phone number will not be included in the directory.  Note: Communications are still sent to her based on her Notification Settings even if she chooses to not make her contact information available in the directory, so she will not miss out on any desired texts or emails.


Image from a PC:

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