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Activate Your Fourleaf Account (Join a directory)


Welcome. If your (or your child's) school or organization is using Fourleaf to manage access to their directory, they would like you to be able to:

  • access the schools'/organization’s directory
  • update and manage your (and your child’s) information in the directory
  • control your own privacy settings and notification preferences.

To take advantage of these features, you will need to have a Fourleaf account and have "activated" it. There are a couple ways your account may be created:

  • a) parents create one using online registration form OR
  • b) the account is automatically created when an organization imports your data based on information collected during their yearly registration process or other membership process.


By the Parent (using Online Registration)

Some organizations use an Online Registration form to allow parents to specify their own data and privacy settings to improve accuracy and awareness. This is a very easy way to get you started; you are able to enter all your family information, set your sharing/privacy preference by field, create a Fourleaf account for each adult in your family, and request permission to access the organization’s directory all through the single form.  (See Article "Submitting an Online Registration") 


Automatically (by the Organization)

Some organizations enter your information in their directory when you enroll in the organization or once the new term starts, to save you time and effort.  At this point, if you are new to Fourleaf you will receive an email and/or text message with a link to activate your Fourleaf account.  If you already had a Fourleaf Account then you will automatically get access to the new organization’s information when you log in. Either way, be sure to log into Fourleaf to confirm/adjust your data and preferences for that organization.

Note: If you entered your email (on the Organization's Fourleaf Home Page) and received a message that your account was not found instead of being routed to the Org's Online Registration form, then the Org likely turned off their online registration temporarily because it is planning to use the permissions and data collected during the new year registrations to initially populate their directories.


Once Your Account is Created.....Activate Your Account

Once your account is created you should receive an automated email with a unique link you can use to set your password and review your data and settings.  If you did not receive the link or can't find it.

  • Make sure you are checking the correct email account.
  • Check your email’s spam folder.
  • Try logging in. (See the article "Accessing Fourleaf" for login instructions.)  If you already have an account (with the email you used to login) that hasn't been activated, then you will see a button that allows you to send yourself a new activation link.

Contact the org’s Directory Administrator or Fourleaf Support for more information.








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