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Updating Who Has Administrator or Owner Access


You can grant (or remove) owner or administrative access easily from either of two views, either via the registrations tab of a person’s record or via the “Staff” view accessible via the left side panel under “Registrations”. Here will will describe the latter process in detail (and similar steps will work for the other view as well).

Note: Only those with Owner Access can grant or remove Owner access for another.


Adding New Admin/Owners

  1. Choose Staff from the Left Side Panel: From the left side panel, under the “REGISTRATIONS” heading, choose the “Staff” View.    You will see a list of all the people in your directory with elevated access.
  2. Confirm that “Role” is one of the fields displayed: If you do not see “ROLE” as one of the heading, use the “Set Filters” toggle to change the display to “show” the “Role”.
  3. Use the “+ ADD” Button to add new Admins or Owners: Use the start date and (if known) the end date for the period during which the person should have the elevated access.  Select the appropriate “Role” or access level and type in the title (if applicable) before clicking on the “Register” button at the bottom.

Removing Existing Admin/Owners

If you are removing admin or owner access for someone because s/he was mistakenly given the access in the first place, then just delete that person’s registration.  If however, the person correctly had access and now that access should be ended, then go to the “Staff” view as mentioned in steps 1 and 2 above and...

...Add appropriate end date: Find the person’s registration that grants him/her access as owner or admin. Then just type in the appropriate “end date” on which the person’s access as admin or owner should end. 

Reminder: Be careful not to end the access of admins and owners without first ensuring someone in the directory has owner access.  If all owners and admins access is deleted then no one in your organization will be able to make changes.  


Similarly, you can update access level via the registration tab of the person's record:


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